1. 18 January 2013

    Drum Recording at the Drum Lab for Daozen!!

    Yesterday we had the pleasure of recording drums for the band Daozen for it's upcoming single "Spatial Home" trough A Plus Music Producer's service of recording real drums trough our alliance with Mynor Montufar's Drum Lab; more info on the Drum Lab at www.mynormontufar.net

  2. 16 January 2013

    Recording Daozen Great New Band

    Recording guiding tracks for
    Daozen, Great New Band! Radiohead Guitars w/ bluessy feel and Morphine baritone Type vocals, very cool stuff!! Excited!! :D

    Using Fender /Fender all the way today, match made in heaven!!, plug in get a great sound instantlly!! \M/ :)

  3. 16 January 2013

    Recording New Band Daozen!!

    A Plus Music Producers is proud to be recording the Great New Band Daozen, a power Trio making some really innovative and fresh sounding great music, in the vain of Radiohead; with Baritone Type Vocals. And a unheard off bluesy feel for this type of music, stay tuned for more updates on the recording.